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Today, June 8, 2022, is the 55th Anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.  This vicious attacked by Israel via sea and air.  34 crew members were murdered.  171 crew members were injured.

Tonight, I will discuss some of the rationale regarding the secrecy regarding this incident, the reasons for the attack, and why this has been kept out of our history books.

You can tune in live at 8pm ET by using this Rumble link:

We have become a nation of Cowards and Fake Patriots.  People who say they support the 'First Amendment', yet who cower and run away from certain topics of discussion.  People who buy into the Communist narrative of "not offending" and of "tolerance."

What you DO NOT know is that our Bill of Rights is hanging on by a thread.  And, every time you shrink from uncomfortable topics and you self-censor, you are aiding and abetting the enemy.  YOU have no one to blame but yourself!

On Saturday night (6/11/22), we are going to test your courage and your genuine support of the First Amendment.  Your reaction will be the litmus test for how far over the Communist cliff we have fallen and if you have the courage to help pull us back.

More will be posted here on Friday (6/10/22).  I will be asking for people to join the live discussion regarding one of the world's most uncomfortable subjects.  At the end of the program, you will know whether or not you are a Coward or a real Patriot.

I am Dianna Ploss, the bravest person in Massachusetts, and I approve this message.
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