Dianna Ploss Exposes United Nations Activity in Massachusetts

On August 18, 2021, a United Nations-Modeled, Human Rights Commission (HRC) mediation was held in the City Hall of Revere, Massachusetts.  In my opinion, this first-of-its’-kind mediation in the United States, signifies the loss of Massachusetts’ sovereignty to the United Nations and the New World Order.  

The back story for this historic event is this:  One of the Mayor’s appointed, HRC Commissioners referred to a life-long Revere resident, Wayne Rose, as a “white supremacist” and she did this via social media.  That Commissioner, Kourou Pich, was supposed to be held accountable during this HRC mediation.  Well, this is what Wayne thought was going to happen.  The rest of this story is something out of a futuristic movie…

Wayne, accompanied by his Attorney, showed up at Revere City Hall on 8/18/21, expecting a United States’-styled meeting.  Instead, this is what occurred:
  • Carpet on the floor of the City Council Chambers
  • Chairs placed in a circle on the carpet
  • Wooden statue of “two people intertwined” on the carpet
  • Located at the foot of the statue was a stick, a crystal, a rock and perhaps a few other items that he cannot recall
Wayne explains during our interview that the “whole thing was a little weird” and that he “was caught off-guard.”

During the mediation, every participant was able to speak, while one of the “trinkets”, as described by Wayne, got passed around.  The Revere Chief of Police tried to pass his “trinket” to Wayne, but he declined and got his own trinket.

The list of attendees at this historic and infamous event include:

Rachel Rollins - former Suffolk County District Attorney (MA) and now U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts

Kara Hayes - Director, Restorative Justice Practices - Suffolk County District Attorney's Office (Massachusetts) and Chief of Community Engagement - Suffolk County District Attorney's Office (Massachusetts)
Brian Arrigo - Mayor of Revere, Massachusetts

David Callahan - Police Chief of Revere, Massachusetts

Kourou Pich – Executive Director of HarborCOV



There were other people who attended this Pagan ceremony at Revere City Hall on that day.  You can watch my interview with Wayne here: https://rumble.com/vya3qn-abolish-the-human-rights-commissions-in-massachusetts.html

These HRC’s are modeled after the United Nations and go against everything we stand for here in Our Constitutional Republican, including our Declaration of Independence, Massachusetts Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

You can watch a short excerpt from an HRC meeting I attended in Dec 2021, where Dr. Lourenco Garcia answered this question, “What is your model?”

Finally, we need ‘Boots on the Ground’ here in Massachusetts to help us abolish these United Nations’ Human Rights Commissions before it’s too late.  

You can help me by donating to my campaign at www.diannaploss.com

May God Bless America

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