The Dianna Ploss Show 11/10/20
Bill Wilson, host of the Washington Exposé, delved into the mass corruption we've seen, and explained the ramifications of the Dominion voting system. Listen to this episode, and finally understand how all of this fraud is faceted! Read More.
WATCH: Dianna finds herself between Trump Supporters and Antifa!
The two CT men, who have been sexually harassing and stalking me for months, traveled to DC specifically to find me. Read More.
The Dianna Ploss Show 11/18/20
What are you doing this year for Thanksgiving? State by state we are seeing our country abandon freedom in favor of fear. Tune in to this episode of The Dianna Ploss Show, and sort out the fear-mongering from the FACTS! Read More.
The Dianna Ploss Show 11/20/20
I want to thank everyone for the incredible support that flooded my inbox and facebook after the attack. Read More.
The Dianna Ploss Show 11/23/20
In this week's episode, Dianna turned the show over to her fellow Patriots for a virtual town hall. Read More.
'Boots on the Ground' at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home
This was our 3rd Peaceful Protest at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home. Read More.
Happy Thanksgiving! Stand Out in Swampscott
We were out in Swampscott this Thanksgiving. We are thankful for this country we love, therefore we must continue to fight for it! Read More.