We are 'Boots on the Ground' in Littleton MAGA-chusetts!
We're keeping busy! Watch the latest 'Boots on the Ground' video from our visit to Littleton, Ma. Read More.
"What happens if someone's trying to break into your house?"
WATCH: clip of a conversation counter protesters who came to a Stand Out. We all want a thriving community, and guess what? That STARTS with PUBLIC safety. Read More.
We are 'Boots on the Ground' in Chelmsford MAGA-chusetts!
We are out here 'boots-on-the-ground' in Chelmsford MAGA-chusetts! Read More.
WATCH: We are 'Boots on the Ground; in Spencer MAGA-chusetts!
We are 'Boots-on-the-ground' in beautiful Spencer, MAGA-chusetts! Wonderful weather! If you believe in this climate change nonsense, get out of the city and smell the fresh air, it's fantastic. Another successful Stand Out for our President! KAGA! Read More.
President Trump water skier makes a HUGE splash!
This was a BLAST! How fabulous. This water-skier was making quite the SPLASH, holding onto the rope with one hand and a Trump flag with the other! FANTASTIC! MAGA! Read More.
'Boots on the Ground' in Fairhaven, MAGA-chusetts!
Rain or shine, we are always happy to be standing OUT for president Trump and Backing the Blue! We are in Fairhaven, MAGA-chusetts, where we had lovely weather today and an unbelievable amount of support. People don't believe that we have this much support, but watch this video and see the enthusiasm from drivers-by - it's unbelievable! Read More.
Friends, I had to share this with you, because it demonstrates the importance of what we are doing and who we're up against. So often we have tremendous support and have a great time standing out with our fellow patriots. But this day, BLM knew we were coming and launched a counter protest. Read More.
WATCH: The Dianna Ploss Show September 2
In this show, Alex Newman and I discuss homeschooling, globalism, nationalism, communism, our democratic REPUBLIC, and much more. Read More.
We are 'Boots on the Ground' in Winthrop MAGA-chusetts!
We were 'Boots on the Ground' in Winthrop, when we came across some lovely Burn Loot Murder (BLM) protesters. The brainwashing has made its way even to the small towns... or did these white brainwashed girls get bused in? Well, this is why we Stand Out folks!! Read More.
Patriots stood their ground against the 'Burn Loot Murder' Terrorists!
'Burn Loot Murder' attempted a 'LIE-IN' at the Somerset, MAGA-chusetts Trump Store. They were met with 100's and 100's of Patriots, who prevented them from having their way! Read More.
We are 'Boots on the Ground' in New Hampshire
We were boots on the ground in South Hampton New Hampshire - or as we nicknamed it, "new-MAGAshire"! Read More.
The PLANdemic with Regina Barnes
This is a PLANdemic. Believe them when they say "there's no end in sight," because the fact is, they may know more than we're privy to! Read More.
The Dianna Ploss Show 9/09/2020
This week on the Dianna Ploss Show, I spoke with Larry Ward, Chairman of the Constitutional Rights Pac. Read More.
WATCH: Dianna Harassed by Anarchist Stalker!
For the last several months I've been stalked by a group of Anarchists who hate me and my message. The situation is escalating. Read More.
'Boots on the Ground' in West Bridgewater, MAGA-chusetts!
We were 'boots-on-the-ground' in West Bridgewater! Had a great turnout in support of our President and Law Enforcement! #MAGA Read More.

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