Ploss Exposes

Somethings to chew on...
The Left and Right Paradigm is a ruse and every time you blame the 'Democrats' you've proven you've been duped... Read More.
The National Governor's Association
Have you ever heard of the 'National Governor's Association' (NGA)?  If not, let me fill you in... Read More.
Call to Action! Windham, NH Wants Jovan Pulitzer
Windham, NH wants Jovan Pulitzer to audit the 2020 Election! Read More.
Massachusetts Swamp Creature Report
Swamp Creatures known and unknown will be exposed... Read More.
Update from Dianna
Everyone has been asking where Dianna is... Read More.
It's Selection, Not Election
You really think you can win an election here in Massachusetts? Think again... Read More.

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