Common Core

Common Core is how the United Nations is indoctrinating YOUR children to be soldiers of the world. It's true. Through Common Core, YOUR children are learning how to be these Social Justice Warriors who will help implement the policies of Agenda 2030.

You know you see it. You know that YOUR children are being indoctrinated to the ideals and policies of Agenda 2030 via Common Core. YOUR children talk about "saving the planet" and not using straws. YOUR children are learning about "ALL" the genders, sexual pleasures at an early age, and have classmates who say they lack a gender. YOUR children talk glowingly about Socialism. YOUR children are learning to hate America and hate white people. And, much, much more...

YOUR children are not alone. 100's of millions of children across the globe are being trained to be soldiers of Agenda 2030.

I am fighting for YOUR children and countless others. I want you to stand with me.

You can read about Common Core here:
You can read the real truth about Common Core from this trusted expert:
Alex Newman
- National Expert
- The New American: 

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