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Agenda 2030 (formally Agenda 21 and now known as the 'Green New Deal') is the United Nations' plan for world wide Communism. This plan was unveiled in 1992 at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro. And, this plan is being implemented by all Governments across the globe, including the United States.

How do you recognize Agenda 2030? It's easy. It's all around you. Everywhere. Everything you see happening around you and that causes you to shake your head is directly related to Agenda 2030. Things like: banning of straws, banning of speech, censorship on social media, rise of apartment complexes, bike paths, traffic congestion, call for 'Medicare for All', illegal immigration, refugee resettlement, meatless burgers, gender equality push, the fight for $15/hour, and much, much more...

I love Liberty. I love my Freedom. I am fighting back. I want you to stand with me.

You can read the United Nations' Goals for world wide Communism here:
You can read the real truth about Agenda 2030 from these trusted experts:
Tom Deweese

- National Expert
- American Policy Center: 
Hal Shurtleff
- Massachusetts Expert
- Camp Constitution: 

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