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Dianna Ploss Fights for Massachusetts

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Meet Dianna

Dianna Ploss is an experienced political activist known as a fierce fighter of the SWAMP - nationally and in her home state of Massachusetts.

Her political career began as a radio personality host, after which she launched her boots-on-the-ground activism for President Trump leading up to and after the 2020 fraudulent presidential election. 

Dianna led hundreds of pro-America, pro-Trump rallies across Massachusetts and beyond, and it wasn’t long before she gained a reputation.

Crazed leftists began showing up at her rallies and even her residences, but soon she had an even bigger problem to contend with: the Deep State of Massachusetts.

The more involved Dianna became in her state’s politics, and the bigger following she gained, the more Massachusetts’ GOP set their sights against her.

State officials. School board members. Law enforcement leadership. The “Republican” governor. No one liked what Dianna was doing to “stir the pot” in Massachusetts because as it turned out, hardly any of the state’s espoused GOP leadership is actually on the right.
The majority are the Swamp.

Now? Dianna is taking on that Swamp, with unrelenting investigative journalism and activism. She is determined to expose the criminal behavior taking place on the public’s dime, and if the past is any indication, Dianna will not be stopped.

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 Dianna Ploss for Governor 

In Action

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Information from the desk of Dianna Ploss

Information that your elected leaders should be telling you...

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Our Civilization is Falling…

I realize the doubt in your mind when you read the above title.  Yet, history will prove I am right.  The Christian European civilization is falling right before our very eyes and you are ignoring it.

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Dianna Ploss Exposes United Nations Activity in Massachusetts

On August 18, 2021, a United Nations-Modeled, Human Rights Commission (HRC) mediation was held in the City Hall of Revere, Massachusetts.  In my opinion, this first-of-its’-kind mediation in the United States, signifies the loss of Massachusetts’ sovereignty to the United Nations and the New World Order.  

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