Say 'No' to Communism Rally

In case you haven't noticed, we are in the throes of a Communist Revolution here in America.  The Goal - A One World Government headed by the United Nations.

We see it all around us in the form of 'Critical Race Theory', destruction of history and historical sites, physical attacks on those who dare challenge the narrative, free healthcare, free education, $15 minumum wage, language changes, attacks on Christianity, attacks on Caucasians, race division, media propaganda and so much more.  Yet, despite seeing it all around us, especially here in MAGA-chusetts, Political Leaders refuse to name it.  Or, let me be more specific: Republican Leaders refuse to name it.  

Therefore, it is up to YOU to stand up against the Communists.  You can start by NOT talking about May Day, as if it is some sort of day to be celebrated.  It is NOT.  It's a day celebrating submission and totalitarianism.

Wake up, MAGA-chusetts Patriots!  The time to make a stand is NOW!

Start: 05.08.2021 10:00 AM

End: 05.08.2021 12:00 PM

King's Beach, Swampscott, MAGA-chusetts.