Save Janet Aldrich from the Beth Israel Lahey Hospital

Janet wants to go home. The hospital is insisting that she go on a ventalitor.  She is refusing.  Therefore, they have put 'DO NOT RESCUITATE' (DNR) on her chart.  

There are other options for Janet's care.  However, this is political and about the HUGE dollars hospitals get just by diagnosing a patient with Covid-19.  So, the hospital staff is unwilling to try anything to save Janet's life.  She is just a number to them!

Be part of the movement to help Janet get home so that she can die peacefully, surrounded by her friends and loved ones.

Please come and show your support.  And, share this as we will live stream from YouTube.  Thank you!
Start: 09.12.2021 01:00 PM

End: 09.12.2021 05:00 PM

41 Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01805 (781-744-5100)