Boycott the Kowloon Restaurant

Hey Massachusetts!

You wonder why we lose all the time?  Go look in a mirror.  The problem is YOU.  Yup.  It is YOU.

Complain about me all you want.  Wahhh!  Call me names.  Boo Hoo.  Keep making excuses for the MassGOP and their Chairman, Jim Lyons.  "His hands are tied."  Ya, right.

Deep down you know it's true.  YOU are the reason we are losing our Freedoms.  You are afraid to speak up.  You are afraid to be uncomfortable.  I bet you are so afraid that you wear a mask and have already put that Experimental Biological Agent into your body and that of your children.  Argh!

Take for example, MA State Rep, Donald Wong.  Like all the other fake and feckless elected Republicans in Massachusetts, all Wong had to do was to put an 'R' after his name.  You bought his lies and cowardly behavior hook, line and sinker. 

"Wahhh, Dianna.  Who else was I going to vote for?  A Democrat?"  Seriously. 

In 2017, State Rep Donald Wong co-sponsored HB3361 with the MA State Rep, Tackey Chan (D).  This Bill was called,
  • 'An Act requiring state agencies to collect Asian American aggregate data.' 
In layman's terms, the plan is to balkanize us here in Massachusetts.  Basically, push us into small tribes based on race and language.  That way, it's easier to inplement the New World Order.  You know, united we stand, divided we fall.  And, we are falling fast...!

Is it a coincidence that the United Nations is pushing the same thing...?

I will answer my question for you.  No!  It's not a coincidence.  The bigger question is this: "Who is pushing Wong and Chan to put forth these bills."

I will continue to investigate.  In the meantime, pull up your big boy and big girl pants.  Find another place to get your PuPu Platter.  Preferably, a restaurant that supports American values and the United States Constitution.  After all, two Wongs don't make a right!

Start: 04.14.2021 12:00 PM

End: 12.31.2021 09:00 PM

948 Broadway
Saugus, Massachusetts