Boycott the Corrupt MassGOP

People who work with the MassGOP continually make excuses for Jim Lyons, especially when it comes to his relationship with MA Governor, Char-LIE Baker.  I hear it all the time, "Jim has to say this.  Jim has to do that." Wake up, People!  Lyons is a Politician and had been for well over 50 years!  And, part of being a Politician is being very skilled at lying to people.

Lyons' job is to raise money.  That's it.  And, he must do whatever he can to raise that money, even if it means lying to your face.  

The following is part of an email that Jim Lyons sent to ~ 80 members of the MA Republican State Committee, when he was selected to "run" for the MassGOP Chair position (someone was kind enough to forward it to me).  Guess this is why Lyons felt so comfortable disclosing how he really feels about Baker.  Only a few people were going to see it:

From: Jim Lyons <>
Date: Sat, Jan 12,  2019 at 8:21 PM
Subject: Uniting Our Party
To: Jim Lyons <repjiml>

"At the same time, since his election in 2014, I’ve been a strong and vocal proponent of Governor Charlie Baker and his reform agenda for our Commonwealth. Whether in the House of Representatives or at the state Republican Convention, I have worked with the Governor to advance our party and to realize our common goals, including reforming and downsizing bureaucracies, encouraging small business, promoting job growth, fighting the opioid epidemic, advocating openness and transparency, and providing tax relief.
On these critical matters and more, Governor Baker has had no greater ally and I fully intend to continue that support as GOP party chair. Uniting behind our common goals, while recognizing and respecting our differences, is necessary for the future success of our political efforts.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you recognize that Charlie Baker's "reform agenda for our Commonwealth" is Agenda 2030 and implementation of the New World Order.  In layman's terms, this means that Americans will be living under totalitarian control and governed by the United Nations.

Furthermore, Lyons says it very plainly, "Governor Baker has had no greater ally and I fully intend to continue that support as GOP party chair."

Therefore, every dollar you give to the MassGOP, every 'Free Speech' sign you purchase, every MassGOP event you attend, every MassGOP candidate you support directly helps Lyons, which in turn helps Charlie Baker's "reform agenda for our Commonwealth."

When are you going to wake up?
Start: 04.24.2021 02:00 PM

End: 01.01.2022 12:00 PM

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