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On 12/12/20, a 32 year old, black, male Communist assaulted an 80 year old, white, Jewish woman.  The Communist was arrested.  The Communist cries "racism" and violation of his "Civil Rights."  The Communist lives in Haverhill, MA.  The victim lives in Swampscott, MA.  

Two Swampscott Town Selectmen, Spellios and Titcomb, attempted to have the charges dropped against the Communist.  So, the Town of Swampscott paid 10G's to have an Independent Agency investigate whether or not the Swampscott Police had probable cause to arrest the Communist.

In the report, the Communist was referred to as "#2."  Therefore, we will always refer to this Communist as #2.  The report did find that the Police had probable cause to arrest #2.  The report also found this:
  • Page 2 - Listed #2 as a "supporter of the Out Now group"
  • Page 2 - "Out Now group brought their protest up close to the Trump group" (victim was member of Trump group)
  • Page 2 - "witnesses said that the Out Now group openly admitted they were in Swampscott that day to confront Trump supporters"
  • Page 8 - "Members of the Out Now group appear, on multiple occasions, to disregard police requests to step back and continued to engage in face-to-face confrontation with the Trump group"
  • Page 13 - "rally was fairly calm until a group of "counter protesters" arrived" (Out Now)
  • Page 23 - "They were carrying a large "baby Trump" and were all prominently displaying orange stickers reading, "Out Now." They had bullhorns, were very loud and "marched right up to the #3 group and got right in their face"." (I am #3. The person carrying the "baby Trump" was #2.)
  • Page 23 - G (redacted name of Policeman) said that (redacted pronoun) spoke with a couple of members of the "Out Now" group and asked them if they would voluntarily take the group across the street to protest. They first told (redacted pronoun) that is wasn't their job to make (redacted pronoun) job easier.  If (redacted pronoun) felt things were going to be unsafe, to do (redacted pronoun) job and keep everybody safe. They told G that it was their purpose to confront, to engage, to be loud, and to make things difficult for #3 to get her podcast out. They were their to interfere with (redacted pronoun) message, and to be in as close contact as possible."
  • Page 35 - "The officer's probable cause was later supported while booking #2 when (pronoun redated) spontaneously uttered that he'd struck #1" (#1 refers to 80 year old, white, Jewish woman).
The report also reiterated that whether or not it was a closed fist or an open hand, #2's response was disproportionate to #2's response. 

Additionally, there were ample police in Swamspcott that day.  If #2 felt aggrieved, why didn't #2 just go up to a Policeman and ask for assistance?  Instead, #2 looked in the direction to where the police had been standing before #2 assaulted #1, the victim. 

Also, what the report failed to mention is that #2 had already been told by the police that day to get out of the bike lane.  This was prior to his assault on #1.  As #2 was angrily leaving the bike lane, #2 swatted the small flag being held by a woman in the Trump group.  The report failed to mention that #1, the victim, was right next to the woman whose flag was swatted.  In fact, #1's head was right where the flag was swatted.  It's all on video.

Finally, I am sure that all you Commies reading this will find some other way to justify #2's assault on an 80 year, old, white Jewish woman.  After all, you abhor personal responsibility.  That said, I am also certain that #2's attorney will be reading what I just wrote in an effort to aid his client.  Good, because even the guilty deserve to be defended under our system. 

My recommendation to #2's attorney: take a plea.  #2 is guilty.  

PS to #2's attorney - There is a video circulating in internet land, where #2 shows his violent tendancies to those he opposes.  In this video, #2 is seen grabbing a sign from a woman.  She screams.  At the same event, #2 gives a white man over 60, a shove from behind.  The man happens to be standing on stairs.  Why not ask #2 about this event? It was about a month before his assualt on #1. I heard there was also an incident with #2 at a West Roxbury rally?  Something about what #2 did with his bullhorn?

Hmmm...?  Is there a pattern here...?  Be sure to let the DA know...

Yeah.  I know.  The truth hurts...

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