BLM - Bubbe's Life Matters

Our 80 year old, Bubbe, was punched in the chest by Ernst Jean-Jacques on 12/12/20, while at our weekly Swampscott Protest.  Bubbe's crime? Being a white, elderly, Jewish woman who suppports President Trump.  It's beyond disgusting, but this is what the Communists do!

32 year old Jean-Jacques is a member of the Chinese Communist Party Funded Group, Burn, Loot, Murder (BLM).  !  This BLM Savage is being aided by two Swampscott MA Selectmen, Peter Spellios & Polly Titcomb.  Spellios and Titcomb are trying to get the assault charges dropped against Jean-Jacques.

Something is very, very wrong when Town Selectmen use their Political Power and Influence to push to have assault charges dropped against a grown man who close-fist PUNCHED an elderly woman!  Since when has it become defendable for a grown man to ever strike an elderly person?  When?

The bottom line is this: We must stand up to these Communists because that is what they are, Communists!  We are asking you to join us in front of Lynn District Court in support of our Bubbe. Bring your signs and flags! Thank you.

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Start: 02.24.2021 09:00 AM

End: 02.24.2021 12:00 PM

Zoom Call-In. Details to follow...