Both Presidential Campaigns Agree To Push Back Next In-Person Debate
Both presidential campaigns have agreed to push back their next in-person debate. Read More.
Ohio's Franklin County sees nearly 50K voters getting wrong absentee ballots, elections officials say
Nearly 50,000 voters in Franklin County -- Ohio's most populous county -- received incorrect absentee ballots in the mail, elections officials said Friday, revealing a major glitch that appeared to affect one in five ballots the county had sent so far. Read More.
Yelp will flag businesses accused of racist behavior; conservatives point out major flaw in new policy
'Enabling this feature is a terrible decision for small businesses all across America' Read More.
Donald Trump to Rush Limbaugh: When We Are Beating the Left They Call Us Racist
President Donald Trump on Friday defended himself and his supporters against allegations that they were “racist.” Read More.
President Trump Signs ‘Savanna’s Act’ And ‘Not Invisible Act’ To Address Issue Of Missing, Murdered Native Americans
President Trump signed two bills into law that address deficiencies in Native American missing persons and murder statistics. On Saturday, he signed the Savanna’s Act and Not Invisible Act, while noting he’s the first American president to address the issue. Read More.
President Trump Holds First MAGA Rally Since COVID-19 Diagnosis
President Trump held his first campaign event since recovering from coronavirus. Massive crowds gathered on the tarmac of the Orlando Sanford International Airport in Florida on Monday in anticipation of the President’s ‘Make America Great Again’ rally. Read More.
Twitter locks official Trump campaign account over sharing Hunter Biden video
Trump campaign fires back: 'This is election interference, plain and simple' Read More.
'Boots on the Ground' in Dunstable, MAGA-chusetts!
We were 'Boots on the Ground' in the beautiful town of Dunstable, MA! ​​​​​​​I've been seeing more and more Biden campaign signs pop up across MAGA-chusetts. Some people might say that's a bad sign, but actually I think it's a very positive indicator. The Biden campaign thought... Read More.
Trump, Biden funnel ad dollars into key battlegrounds in final stretch
Center for Responsive Politics says the 2020 campaign is projected to spend a record-setting $11 billion Read More.
President Trump: Red Wave Is Coming In November
President Trump has predicted a massive Republican sweep in upcoming elections. Read More.
The Biden Corruption Scandal Isn’t About Hunter, It’s About Joe
The Hunter Biden scandal indicates that Joe Biden, while vice president of the United States, knowingly allowed his son to sell access to the Obama administration, then lied about it. Read More.
Trump campaign sends letter to debate commission asking for more focus on foreign policy
President Trump’s campaign manager sent a two page letter on Monday to the Commission on Presidential Debates Read More.
'Boots on the Ground' in Westford, MAGA-chusetts!
If you want to see the action of what happened at this Stand Out, go to 12:30. A man claiming to be a Trump supporter came up and forced my flag out of my hands. Read More.
Trump urges Barr to 'act fast,' 'appoint somebody' to probe Hunter Biden business dealings
Trump says Barr should look into 'laptop from hell,' claims Biden got kickback and 'everyone knows it' Read More.
President Trump Fires Up Ariz. Crowds In Prescott, Tuscon
President Trump has remained hot on the campaign trail, recently making two stops in the battleground state of Arizona. He made his first appearance with a rally at the Prescott Regional Airport on Monday. Read More.