Election 5 days away: Trump, Biden to hold dueling rallies in Florida battleground
Biden leading Trump nationally, but race closer in key battlegrounds Read More.
45 missing children rescued, 179 arrested in Ohio human trafficking sting
A monthlong mission in Ohio recently turned up 45 missing children and led to 179 arrests, authorities said. Read More.
Biden calls himself Harris' running mate during campaign event in Atlanta
Biden quipped that he was 'Kamala's running mate' during campaign event in Atlanta Read More.
President Trump Nominated For 2021 Nobel Peace Prize
The President has been nominated for another Nobel Peace Prize, this time for his work with North Korea. This marks the first nomination for President Trump for the 2021 Nobel award season. Read More.
HANDMAID’S FAIL: Liberal Cosplay Couldn’t Stop Amy Coney Barrett from Joining Supreme Court
Sworn in on one year anniversary of President Trump's successful assassination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Read More.
Polls Show President Trump Won Debate Against Biden
Following Thursday’s final presidential debate, President Trump shared multiple polls on Twitter that showed as much as 96 percent of participants claimed he won. Read More.
Hunter Biden’s laptop: Giuliani turns over photos of underage girls to Delaware State Police
Rudy Guiliani said Tuesday night that he turned the contents of the alleged Hunter Biden laptop over to Delaware State Police as it contained photos of underage girls and explicit text messages. Read More.
President Trump Fires Up Ariz. Crowds In Prescott, Tuscon
President Trump has remained hot on the campaign trail, recently making two stops in the battleground state of Arizona. He made his first appearance with a rally at the Prescott Regional Airport on Monday. Read More.
Trump urges Barr to 'act fast,' 'appoint somebody' to probe Hunter Biden business dealings
Trump says Barr should look into 'laptop from hell,' claims Biden got kickback and 'everyone knows it' Read More.
'Boots on the Ground' in Westford, MAGA-chusetts!
If you want to see the action of what happened at this Stand Out, go to 12:30. A man claiming to be a Trump supporter came up and forced my flag out of my hands. Read More.
Trump campaign sends letter to debate commission asking for more focus on foreign policy
President Trump’s campaign manager sent a two page letter on Monday to the Commission on Presidential Debates Read More.
The Biden Corruption Scandal Isn’t About Hunter, It’s About Joe
The Hunter Biden scandal indicates that Joe Biden, while vice president of the United States, knowingly allowed his son to sell access to the Obama administration, then lied about it. Read More.
President Trump: Red Wave Is Coming In November
President Trump has predicted a massive Republican sweep in upcoming elections. Read More.
Trump, Biden funnel ad dollars into key battlegrounds in final stretch
Center for Responsive Politics says the 2020 campaign is projected to spend a record-setting $11 billion Read More.

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