Why is this allowed...?

Every Thursday, the 'RefuseFascism.Org" and "Black Lives Matter" Domestic Terrorists are allowed to adhere their Communist signs to a Civil War Monument located at the intersection of Monument Avenue and Humphrey Street, Swampscott Massachusetts.  This is a very short distance from MA Governor, Charlie Baker's home, at 49 Monument Avenue and the Swampscott Town Hall, located at 22 Monument Avenue.  It's right in their faces.  So, why is this being allowed...?

That's Heidi Hiland in the pink top, bending down.  She is a resident of Gloucester, MA and a member of RefuseFascism.Org.  

Has the Town Manager, Sean Fitzgerald, told the Swampscott Police to 'Stand Down' and not put a stop to this?

Why is Heidi Hiland allowed to do this?

Have the Swampscott Selectmen told the Swampscott Police to 'Stand Down' and not put a stop to this?  

Why hasn't Heidi Hiland been charged with defacing an historic monument?

How about asking these members the obvious questions: "Why is this being allowed?  Are there laws in place that prevent people from using electricle tape to adhere anything to an historic monument?  Why aren't you enforcing the law?  Does Heidi Hiland have special privileges that the rest of us don't?

You can email the Swamspcott Selectmen. Once you do that, it becomes part of the permanent government record.  Well, unless you do what Swampscott Police Chief Madigan did when he was taking heat from us and he had everything we sent to him go to spam...

Here are their emails and phone numbers:

Sean Fitzgerald, Town Manager: sfitzgerald@swampscottma.gov & 781-596-8850

Peter Spellios, Chair:   pspellios@swampscottma.gov & 781-596-8850

Polly Titcomb, Vice Chair:   ptitcomb@swampscottma.gov & 781-596-8850

Neal Duffy, Board Member:   nduffy@swampscottma.gov & 781-596-8850

David Grishman, Board Member:   dgrishman@swampscottma.gov & 781-596-8850

Donald Hause, Board Member:   dhause@swampscottma.gov & 781-596-8850

Ron Madigan, Police Chief: rmadigan@swampscottpolice.com & 781-595-1111

Ted Delano, Swampscott Police Civil Rights Officer: tdelano@swampscottpolice.com & 781-595-1111

Call them. Email them.  Put pressure on them the way the Commies do.  Doing this also makes that communication part of the permanent, government record.  Well, unless of course they do something shady...

While we are at it, call Veteran's Services out of Lynn, Massachusetts at 781-596-6911.

And, call/email Amy Carnevale. She's the MassGOP State Committee Woman. She lives in Marblehead.  I am sure she would be concerned.  Afterall, the MassGOP is all about the Veterans.  Find out what she has to say about this.  Amy can be reached at (202) 262-2587 and at acarnevale@live.com.

Reach out to any/all Veterans groups across Massachusetts.  

Tell they what is happening...!

Be brave. Stand up. Fight for America.  Before it's too late...

One of the ways you can help fight for America is by joining our New England Revival and weekly Bible Study with Pastor Levi, every Friday, 8pm to 9:30pm ET.  You can join via these links: 

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The ushering in of the New World Order is being led by Satan himself.  God, and a little bit of courage is all we need to save America and the World.  Amen!
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