Tyranny and Agenda 2030

Tyranny - Over the past two-plus years, Massachusetts' citizens have felt the iron fist of tyranny via the hands of their town/city government officials, who "imposed" lockdowns, masking, social distancing, Covid-19 testing and poison shot injections.  

The newness of the "Covid" plandemic, along with years of anti-God and anti-Constitutional propaganda, aided the tyrants, allowing for people to willingly give up their rights.  Well, not any longer...

The one benefit of this tyrannical nightmare, is this:  'We the People' have awoken!  For example, a small group of determined citizens attended their local School Committee Meeting in Greenfield Massachusetts, and they did this without wearing "mandatory" masks.  Not only did these brave people take on their overlords, they exposed them for what they really are: Dictators!

Agenda 2030 - Bet you thought that once the Plandemic was over your life would go back to normal.  Nope.  The Covid-19 Plandemic was just the beginning of our forced initiation into how life will be under Agenda 2030 aka The Great Reset, The Green New Deal. 

The huge increase in gasoline prices is another chapter in this world-wide plan.  And, this is supposed to make you happy, really happy.

Pay attention to your thoughts as we go through the weeks and months of this man-made crisis.  Are you considering selling your home?  Getting rid of that extra vehicle?  Well, this is all part of the plan for eliminating YOUR personal property and getting you to move into one of those Smart Cities, like what Boston has become.

You don't believe me?  Check out Agenda 2030 Sustainability Goal Number 7:

Tyranny via Boston's Head Communist - Boston's Mayor, Michelle Wu, personally and aggressively pushed for Covid-19 vaccinations for all of Boston's city employees, along with vax passports, and poison dart injections for children.  And, she did this for her own personal agenda.

Now, she is trying to limit when 'We the People' can protest at hers or any other politician's home.  This IS the definition of a DICTATOR!  And, just in case you think this is only coming from a politician with a 'D' after their name, think again... 

MA "Republican" State Representative, Steve Howitt of Seekonk, recently filed a Bill, which would ban protests within 100 yards of elected officials' homes.  

Do you see how this works?  Both parties work together... 


Be without Fear in the Face of Your Enemies 

Stand Brave and Upright that the Lord may Love Thee

SPEAK the TRUTH Always Even if is Means Your Death

Protect the Helpless and DO NO Wrong

Ploss for Governor

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