Think the Brownshirts are a thing of the past. Think again...

Think the Brownshirts are a thing of the past.  Think again...

The man holding this bullhorn is Joseph Antuan Castro Del Rio. He physically assaulted me many times on 1/2/21 at the base of MA Governor, Char-LIE Baker’s driveway.

Del Rio’s intermittent attacks on me went on for over 2 hrs, culminating in an almost 8-minute Twisted Tea rampage. Del Rio, along with Stephen Ford, at times had both their arms over both my shoulders holding a 24 oz full can of Twisted Tea in my face. I could not move. 

When I told them to get out of my face, Del Rio responded with, “What are you gonna do about it, Bitch?”

Del Rio and Ford did this within a few feet of a line of Massachusetts State Police. Swampscott Police Chief, Ronald Madigan, was also on the scene, along with the Town Selectmen. They did nothing.

When I asked a State Police Officer if this was allowed, he responded with, “He (Del Rio) can do it all day long.” 

That is the State Police Officer in the other picture speaking with Del Rio.  

Is this what we want in America?

By Dianna Ploss / America First Advocate / Jan 11, 2021
FREEDOM RALLY JAN 2 2021 by Dianna Ploss is licensed under N/A N/A

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