The United Nations is THE Disease. We are THE Cure!

We all know someone who has or had cancer.  They complain of many physical symptoms, and most times, those complaints come before their actual cancer diagnosis.  Weight loss, sleep disturbances, pain, headaches and nausea, are just some of their complains.

Once they are diagnosed with cancer, their doctor outlines the plan:  radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, all in an effort to rid their body of THE CANCER, which is what IS causing their symptoms.  In the meantime, the doctor treats the symptoms: nutritional supplements for weight loss; a sleep aid for those sleepless nights; pain medications to alleviate their pain; an antiemetic for their nausea.  Yet, the predominate goal is the elimination of their cancer!

And, that my friends, is what we are neglecting today: The Disease.  The Disease. The Disease. The Disease.

That Disease is the The United Nations.  The United Nations is very close to full implementation of their 'One World Government.'  Yup.  All nations of the world will be ruled by the United Nations.  It's not a conspiracy.  It's conspiracy FACT!

Yet, the media, the state GOP's, the Republican politicians, Republican candidates, pundits, podcasters, Hannity, Fox News, OAN, etc, focus on the symptoms ONLY:  illegal immigration, Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, voter fraud, the jab, Communists, price of gasoline, Biden, etc.  

Don't get me wrong.  These are all important issues.  However, these issues are THE symptoms of the United Nations Agenda for their 'One World Government' but hardly anyone focuses on the Disease.  The Disease needs the radiation.  The Disease needs the chemotherapy.  The Disease needs the surgery.  And, we are THE CURE!

Join me this afternoon on YouTube, when I will discuss the United Nations and some of what they are doing in towns and cities across Massachusetts.  I will also share with you what you can do to push back against this Disease!

You can tune in here:

See you then!


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