The United Nations in Lynn, Massachusetts

On 11/29/21, I sent this email to Lynn, Massachusetts City Councillors, the Lynn Mayor, Patriots, MassGOP members and Conservative Massachusetts media personalities.  They are listed at the bottom of this article, along with their email addresses.  Please reach out to them and ask that they help us abolish Lynn's Unconstitutional 'Human Rights Commission'.  Thank you.

RE: Lynn Massachusetts Human Rights Commission

Dear Fellow Massachusetts Citizens,

I am writing to you today to discuss Lynn’s “Human Rights Commission” (HRC).  As a life-long Massachusetts resident and a 2022 Independent Candidate for Governor, I am deeply disturbed that this HRC exists in Lynn, and frankly, in any other town/city in America. 

The United States Constitution IS the Law of the Land.  God is the only entity above our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I am not sure how this HRC got started in Lynn?  However, given that all elected officials on this email took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, I am counting on all of you to help abolish this Commission.

Below is a screenshot from the HRC webpage:

What many people do not understand is that this HRC, and others in towns and cities across Massachusetts, are all part of Agenda 2030, the plan to bring all the world under one governing body:  The United Nations.  This is TREASON! 

In closing, I have a moral duty to warn my fellow citizens of threats to their freedom and liberty.  And Lynn’s Human Rights Commission is such a threat, which is why I am reaching out to all of you.  Please join me in abolishing Lynn’s Human Rights Commission.

Thank you.


Dianna Ploss

You can help by contacting the people below.  Thanks again!

Mayor of Lynn
Thomas McGee -

Lynn City Council

Lynn At-Large Councilor & Council Vice President – Buzzy Barton –
Lynn At-Large Councilor – Brian M. Field –
Lynn At-Large Councilor – Brian P. LaPierre -
Lynn At-Large Councilor – Hong L. Net -
Lynn Ward 1 City Councilor – Wayne A. Lozzi -
Lynn Ward 2 City Councilor – Richard B. Starbard -
Lynn Ward 3 City Councilor & Council President – Darren P. Cyr –
Lynn Ward 4 City Councilor – Richard C. Colucci -
Lynn Ward 5 City Councilor – Dianna M. Chakoutis -
Lynn Ward 6 City Councilor – Frederick W. Hogan -
Lynn Ward 7 City Councilor - John M. Walsh, Jr. -
Lynn Head Clerk – Lisa Herrera -

Alison Kuznitz -
Boston Herald News Tips -
Jeff Kuhner -
Howie Carr -
Lonnie Brennan - Owner of Boston Broadside
Matt McDonald -
Tom Joyce -

Brigadier General Don Bolduc -

MassGOP Members
Ron Kaufman - MassGOP National Committeeman
Janet Fogarty – MassGOP National Committee Woman (No phone number or email address on MassGOP website)
Jim Lyons - MassGOP Chairman
Geoff Diehl -
MassGOP State Committee Man, who lives in Lynn, Stephen Zykofsky -
MassGOP State Committee Woman - Amy Carnevale -
Lynn Republican City Committee Chairman - Maria P. Perez –
Lynn Republican City Committee Secretary - Stephen Zykofsky  -
Lynn Republican City Committee Treasurer - Michael W. Stanley –

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