The National Governor's Association

Have you ever heard of the 'National Governor's Association' (NGA)?  If not, let me fill you in...

The NGA was "founded in 1908, is the voice of the nation’s governors and one of the most respected public policy organizations in the country. The association's members are the governors of the 55 states, territories and commonwealths. Members come to the association from across the political spectrum, but NGA itself is bipartisan."

Could this organization help explain why many of our nation's governors all sound and act the same?  You decide.
But before you go off on your research quest, let me give you this little tidbit...  The NGA had a BIG hand in the passage of Common Core.  You can read some of that history here:
  and here:
Now that you know who helped the passage of Common Core, you might better understand why it has been so hard to fight its' repeal.  So, instead of spinning your wheels and wasting your time trying to slay this beast, my suggestion is to pull your children from the Public School system and home school them.  And, Hillsdale can help you do it!
To learn more, go to:

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