The Death of Kyle J. Woolf, Part 2A - Exposing a Sexual Predator

Tanner Moquin
Victim Witness Advocate
Essex County District Attorney's Office
10 Federal Street
5th Floor
Salem, MA 01970

(Unable to obtain Tanner Moquin's e-mail address after multiple attempts. Once received, this will be sent to him.)

RE: Stephen Schafer v Dianna Ploss Docket Number 2013CR002287

Dear Tanner,

I am writing to you regarding the email exchange you had with Stephen Schafer on 3/23/21, Docket Number 2013CR002287.  After your email exchange, Schafer emailed Swampscott MA Police Captain, Joseph Kable.  Schafer then posted all 3 emails on his Shaffer Steve Facebook page. I am responding to those emails (see pics below):

Stephen Schafer has been stalking and sexually harassing me for over 8 months now.  I have tried to get 258E’s (Harassment Prevention Orders) in the following cities/towns: Brockton (for West Bridgewater incident), East Boston (for 2 Winthrop incidents), Westford (one incident), Lynn (many Swampscott incidents). I have been unsuccessful because I refuse to give the court my current address.  Given that Schafer doxed Belchertown Police Chief, Christopher Pronovost, and many others including my brother, you can understand the terror I feel about revealing my home address.

I did have a 258E for one year out of Brockton District Court for an incident which occurred in West Bridgewater on 9/8/20. Schafer stalked me there and jumped out at me waving an 18” black dildo, all while saying, “Dianna, Fuck me up the ass” and much more. Schafer appealed. He told Judge Mary Amrhein that what he was doing was “political discourse.”  Judge Amrhein rescinded the order with instructions that Schafer stay 10 feet away from me, not wave things at me, etc.  However, it was a verbal warning. Schafer agreed to the warning (I do have that audio), but Judge Amrhein did not write it in the actual dismissal order. This has left me repeatedly victimized by this serial, sexual  Predator.

Stephen Schafer has left a trail of victims across Massachusetts: Belchertown, Hadley, Monson, Plymouth, Randolph, Swampscott, Taunton, West Bridgewater, Westford, Weymouth, and more. He provokes his prey with explicit sexual language. They react.  Then, he sues them. Therefore, I have cc’d the Clerk Magistrates in those communities, as they should also be made aware of this Sexual Predator’s behavior.

Schafer has a few accomplices who assist him.  The most prominent are also from Connecticut: Michael Picard and Caroline Rentschler aka Carrie Rentler.  These two individuals accompanied Schafer to DC with the express purpose of hunting me down. They found me. Schafer even made a video stating such.  You can find that video on my website here: 

Of note, Schafer was arrested for assault & battery while in DC on 11/14/20, after he sprayed an elderly woman in the face with mace. He was aiming for someone else he harassed and missed.

Michael Picard stalked me to DC again on January 6, 2021. Picard knocked on the door of the Airbnb where I was staying.  Picard took a picture of me answering the door and posted it to his Facebook page. I contacted the DC Police. They came and took a report, which included the screen shot from Picard’s Facebook page. Picard has since taken down that picture.  However, I had already secured a screen shot below.  To this day, I do not know how Picard discovered where I was staying in DC.

Stephen Schafer is NOT a victim. He is a Predator and a Sexual Stalker. He victimizes people and then sues them. Please contact the Hampden County DA’s office, as a Zoom Court hearing was held on Friday, 3/26/21, involving Schafer and another of his victims.  In a 3/26/21 YouTube video titled, “I’m being arrested again”, Schafer states that “the Prosecutor” said, “he’s (Schafer) going to be picking up some charges as well.” 

I contacted the Hampden County DA’s office on Friday, 3/26/21, and had a lengthy conversation with someone from his office, name left out intentionally. You can watch Schafer’s 3/26/21 1:52 video here:

Also, please reach out to Swampscott Police Captain, Joseph Kable (, as he has been present and witnessed many, many of the times Schafer has sexually harassed me.  Captain Kable was present the day in October 2020, when Schafer yelled out to me, “Dianna, I will give you $10 to fuck me in the ass.” At least two other Swampscott Police Officers heard Schafer say this to me that day, and more.

Of note, I am in the process of compiling all the times Schafer has stalked and sexually harassed me in Swampscott, MA. I will get that information to you. Captain Kable and many other Swampscott Police Officers can corroborate this, as they were present and/or watching my Facebook live streams, while Schafer sexually harassed me.

Additionally, I am writing a series of articles regarding Stephen Schafer and his harassment of Kyle J. Woolf.  On 3/15/21, Kyle J. Woolf took his own life just days after Schafer posted a video online about Woolf.  In this video, Schafer and Caroline Rentschler can be seen making a collage that they adhered to Kyle’s front door in Taunton, MA.  You can read the first two articles here:
Included in these two articles, are videos where Schafer is seen stalking and sexually harassing me in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

I have also included a tiny sample below of what Schafer has posted online about me, and others.  Perhaps, you can assist us in stopping this Sexual Predator once and for all?

This post is from Schafer’s YouTube channel, Shaffer Steve, January 21, 2021:

This is from Schafer’s FB page, Shaffer Steve, July 19, 2020:

This is from Schafer’s FB page, Shaffer Steve, August 7, 2020:

This is a comment made on Schafer’s 3/17/21 post on his “Shaffer Steve” FB page:

Here are 2 comments from the same 3/17/21 post on Schafer’s “Shaffer Steve” Facebook page. Dontrell Brown and Matt Kuo, who are friends and faithful followers of Schafer.  Dontrell Brown accompanied Stephen Schafer to Swampscott on 8/23/20, where Schafer stalked and sexually harassed me. He and the on duty Swampscott Policemen can corroborate what Schafer did to me that day.  Schafer deleted Brown’s comment from his 3/17/21 FB post:


Finally, I am posting this email on my website with the goal of informing the public.  People need to know just what this sexual Predator has been doing in Massachusetts.

Thank you.



Attorney Richard Chambers, Jr.

Swampscott MA Police Captain, Joseph Kable

Ayer MA District Court

Brockton MA District Court

Lynn MA District Court

East Boston Division, Boston Municipal Court

Eastern Hampshire MA District Court

Palmer MA District Court

Plymouth MA District Court

Quincy MA District Court

Taunton MA District Court

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