The Death of Kyle J. Wolf, Part 2…

Numerous people reached out to me after Part 1 of this series, expressing sadness and grief for Kyle and his family. These people also expressed shock, horror and disbelief regarding the crimes that New Britain, CT resident, Stephen Schafer, committed here in Massachusetts.  Better stated, “Was allowed to commit” here in Massachusetts.

In Part 2 of this tragic series, I will focus on what occurred in Winthrop Massachusetts on October 15 & 22, 2020, using the videos that Schafer himself recorded and edited.  You decide.  Are the Winthrop Police responsible for the death of Kyle J. Woolf…?

Stephen Schafer calls what he does “trolling and activism.” Not true. Schafer is breaking Massachusetts General Law (MGL) 265, Section 43A, as shown here:

Stephen Schafer broke MGL 265, s43A many, many times in towns across Massachusetts. He did so with impunity AND under the eyes of dozens and dozens and dozens of Massachusetts Police Officers, some who even admit to watching his Predatorial videos.  Why did dozens and dozens and dozens of Massachusetts Police Officers protect this Predator?

Many of us speculated that the Predator was somehow connected politically, which could explain why he had been protected.  No proof right now. That said, from what we experienced on the ground, it seemed that the Winthrop Police had “stand down orders” when it came to the Predator and his behavior.  No actual written proof of that either.  Yet, what else explains what happened in Winthrop on 10/15/20?
  • The Predator being allowed to chase me around Winthrop Town Center while all of the Winthrop Police Officers on duty watched and did nothing.
  • The Predator getting a “thumbs up” from Winthrop Deputy Police Chief, John Goodwin.
  • The Predator telling me, “Dianna, I’m going to stop by your house later on tonight, okay?” I do have your address. This was done right in front of a Winthrop Police Officer. You watch the video and listen to what that Police Officer says.
  • The Predator bending over in front of a male Winthrop resident, highlighting his rear end.
  • And, more…
Finally, the Winthrop Police Chief came outside, informing the Predator that if he did not stop chasing me, he would be arrested and charged with Criminal Harassment.  So, the Predator was aware of MGL 265, s43A.  But that did not stop him.

On October 22, 2020, the Predator again stalked me to Winthrop, where he:
  • Joked around with Winthrop Police Officer, Andrew Biggio, who said to the Predator, “It’s good to meet you finally.”
  • Yelled out to someone unknown, “Come touch my nipples.”
  • Said to a man who was with us, “Do you like sucking d-ck?” And “Do you like getting f-ed in your a$$? You can hear a Winthrop Police Officer respond, “This is my last warning.”
  • Repeatedly gave out my social security number.
  • Said to his accomplice, Michael Picard, about another man with our group, “Remember that guy I told you F-ed me really well in the a$$ the other night?  It’s the guy right behind you.”
  • And more…
Other 10/22/20 video notes:

One of the Predator’s accomplices, Michael Picard, was carrying a sign that read, “Dicks Out for Dianna.” How is this not Criminal Harassment?

Another one of the Predator’s accomplices, Caroline Rentschler aka “Carrie Rentler” also made an appearance is this video. Recall that she assisted the Predator in making the collage that was then adhered to Kyle J. Woolf’s front door on 10/25/20.


Fair warning.  Sexual content and foul language.  Keep your children out of earshot.

The Predator posted the video below to his Facebook page on December 27, 2020, with the title, “Leather daddy trolls a statist in Winthrop MA on 10/15/20.”  I renamed the video and posted to my website.

Massachusetts Police Refuse to Stop Predator
The Predator posted the video below to his Facebook page on March 13, 2021, with the title, “Dianna Ploss made fun of Mike’s dead mom so I gave out her social.” I renamed the video and posted it to my website.

Winthrop Police Allow Sexual Predator to Commit Criminal Harassment
In Part 3 of this series, I will update you regarding what the Predator has been posting on social media about Kyle J. Woolf. In the meantime, please send me any information that you have regarding Stephen Schafer and his crimes to And please share this article using this hashtag: #JusticeForKyle.

Finally, today is the Memorial for Kyle J. Woolf. He was just 26 years old. Please take the time to visit the website below. Watch the video of Kyle. His family is suffering.  Please pray for them. Thank you. Dianna

Kyle J. Woolf by n/a is licensed under N/A N/A

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