The Death of Kyle J. Wolf, Part 1

On March 15, 2021, Kyle J. Woolf took his own life.  Kyle lived in Taunton Massachusetts, had a promising future and was just 26 years old.

I did not know Kyle. Yet, I have experienced some of what I think was troubling Kyle.  Kyle was being stalked, harassed, and tormented by Stephen Schafer of New Britain, Connecticut, the same man who for months on end, has been stalking, harassing, and tormenting me.  Furthermore, I believe that Kyle would still be alive today if the Police had arrested Schafer.  After all, Police Officers in many towns across Massachusetts had just cause to arrest Stephen Schafer. They did not.  Or would not.  These towns include, but are not limited, to Swampscott, West Bridgewater, and Winthrop.

Meet Stephen Schafer.  He’s in his early 30’s and lives with his mother in Connecticut. He regularly drives up to Massachusetts to stalk his Prey.
It is unclear to me just when and where Kyle crossed paths with this Predator.  Schafer is inclined to stalk his Prey at Pro-Trump/Pro-America Rallies, where he violates the personal space of attendees, says vile things to them like, “So and so. F me up the ass”, and instigates reactions from them, all while videotaping with his multiple Go-Pros.  Schafer then edits his videos, posts them on YouTube and Facebook, and solicits donations from those who think what he does is “activism.”  

On October 25, 2020, Schafer admitted that “I sticker bombed Kyle J. Woolf’s front door with gay pride and BLM stickers.”  I cannot help but wonder how many crimes were committed by Schafer that day? Stalking? Trespassing? Vandalism? Harassment?  Again, it is unclear to me if Kyle reported this to the Taunton Police.

On March 7, 2021, Schafer uploaded a 4:18 video to YouTube which showed some of what he had been doing to Kyle and what he did at Kyle’s home on October 25, 2020.  Despite numerous pleas from YouTube viewers that Schafer remove the video out of respect for Kyle’s family, Schafer refuses to do so.  

Now, meet one of Schafer’s accomplices that day, Caroline Rentschler aka Carrie Rentler.
Caroline helped Schafer make the sticker collage that was then attached to Kyle’s front door.  Caroline is around 40, lives in Connecticut, is unable to work due to some "illness" and has one son.  Not exactly sure what Caroline was thinking when she conspired with Schafer to stalk and harass someone else’s son?  But, before you feel badly for Caroline (She really prefers to be called “Carrie”), please know that she is a willing, and clearly able, participant.  Carrie has helped Schafer on many occasions, filming his prey as they try to avoid being hunted by him.  Carrie even traveled with Schafer and Michael Picard (another accomplice) to specifically hunt me down in DC.  I know this because Schafer admitted it on a video.  His fans loved it. 

In Part 2 of this series, I will show evidence of how and where many Police Officers turned a blind eye to Stephen Schafer, his criminal behavior, and the criminal behavior of his accomplices.  Those blind eyes served to embolden Schafer, allowing his Predatorial behavior to continue.  In the meantime, I ask that you watch Schafer in action in the two videos below and share this so that others know to stay away from this dangerous Predator. 

Fair warning.  Sexual content and foul language.  Keep your children out of earshot.

March 7, 2021
- “I sticker bombed Kyle J. Woolf’s front door with gay pride and BLM stickers.”
- Accomplice, Caroline "Carrie" Rentschler, working with Schafer in this video.

March 17, 2021
- “Cleetus trolls DC! 11/14/20”
- Accomplices, Caroline "Carrie" Rentschler and Michael Picard, working with Schafer in this video.

Kyle J. Woolf by n/a is licensed under N/A N/A

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