The Assault on Patriots in D.C. on Jan 6th 2021 part 1 of 2

Patriot / January 11, 2021

Trump sent out a tweet on December 19th 2020 for all Patriots to come to the Capital in D.C. on January 6th 2021. With a little over two weeks to prepare Patriots from all over the country pulled together to help each other to make the trip safely to D.C.

The Patriots main concern was Antifa/BLM becoming violent and causing problems. Based on the past events during summer of 2020 with cities Burning, businesses Looted and people Murdered by Antifa/BLM members are definitely a threat to anyone flying an American Flag.

I never imaged that the D.C. Police, Mayor and the D.C. Deep State SWAMP would coordinate with Antifia/BLM to bus them into D.C. with the specific goal of dressing like Trump Supporters to Storm the Capital Building. All the evidence of this came out in real time. There are videos all over the internet to support this fact.

As a result, Patriots that DID NOT ENTER the Capital Building instead they stopped Antifia/BLM from destroying our historic building were met with tear gas and flash bombs. As I was watching it unfold it looked like a war zone.

I watched with great concern not only for the safety of Dianna Ploss and her crew but for the safety of everyone. Including the police that were following unconstitutional orders to attack American Citizens that were simply exercising their 1st Amendment Right to peaceful protest.

Stay tuned with more to follow in part two of my article.

Stay in the Light and Stay in the Fight
TEAR GAS and FLASH BOMBS by Dianna Ploss is licensed under N/A N/A

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