Hello Massachusetts Freedom Fighters!

Follow the Money...

Many people are fighting back against the tyranny here in Massachusetts.  One of the ways they are doing this is by participating in their town/city Board of Health, City Council and School Committee meetings.  Most of these meetings are held via zoom, making it easier to attend.  You will be shocked by what you learn!

What we found out this week is that there is a financial incentive for your Massachusetts town/city to keep you and your children locked down with mask, jab and passport mandates.  Financially awarding tyranny is also happening at the school level, and very likely at the employer level. 

Watch Shannon Joy at an Illinois School Board meeting.  She followed the money!

Attention Researchers!  Check out the Cares Act:

Review this link to see for yourself, what is required by towns/cities/schools in order for them to receive federal monies.

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

Follow the money to see what your town/city received financially to keep you locked down, masked and jabbed:

And, school children get paid to take Covid tests!  What???

Is this also happening in Massachusetts?  Please help me find out!

Also, if you plan to invoke your Religious Exemption, please watch these two very helpful videos from the John Birch Society:

These are suggestions, not legal advice.

Here is how you can help...

Please be our 'Boots on the Ground' and let me know what is happening in your Massachusetts town/city by sending an email to 

Share Dianna Ploss posts, videos, events and articles to your friends via email and social media.

Together, we will take back Massachusetts!

Finally, you were born with God-given rights, also called "natural rights."  The Government does NOT give you your rights.  Therefore, find your way back to God and the way back to Freedom is easy.

Thank you.

I am Dianna Ploss and I approve this message.
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