President Trump Endorsed Evil

Evil disguises itself in coiffed hair and shined shoes.  Evil will tell you that he is against Charlie Baker, when he is working with him.

Evil tells lies.  Evil will tell you that he was the '2016 Trump Campaign Chair or Co-Chair' when he was neither.

Evil gets their friends in the media (Carr, Kuhner and the Broadside) to censor anything that reveals his Evil partnerships.

Evil will lie to your face today and tell you that "when elected, I will stop the mandates.  I will protect your children, etc..."  Evil will never protect you.  Evil will never protect your children.  And, Evil knows this.

Finally, Evil's one job is to show up at events with his coiffed hair and shined shoes.  While there, Evil's job is to use his slick tongue to give suffering people false hope, all while taking their donation money. 

Please, do not allow Geoff Diehl to deceive you...

I am Dianna Ploss and I approve this message. 


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