Murdering Children

Government Officials in Massachusetts have sanctioned the murder of children, your children and the children of others.  I refuse to stand by and do nothing.  

"Covid-19", the illness, is a Biological Weapon that was created with the help of the United States Government.  Yes.  People in our own Government helped to design, construct and produce this Weapon.

The supposed "cure" is also a Biological Weapon designed to KILL.  This was also created by People in our own Government, who like MA Governor, Charlie Baker, are aiding in its distribution across the state.

I have been warning you for sometime now, that your children are in danger.  They are.  The jabs are Biological Weapons designed to maim and kill.  These jabs have also been designed to destroy the future reproductive abilities of little boys and little girls. 

"Why would People in our own Government want this", you ask?  So that they can help the Globalists achieve their goal of depopulating the world and bringing what is left of the population under the control of One Government, the World Government.

And lest you think you have a choice regarding taking this Biological Weapon, think again.  You only ever have a choice when you have been provided the ENTIRE TRUTH.  And, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD THE ENTIRE TRUTH!  

Ask yourself these questions:

- What are the ingredients in this Biological Weapon?
- How come I haven't been given the package insert which would explain the side effects?
- How come no one has told me that when this fake vaccine was tested in animals, all the animals died?
- How many people DIED after receiving this Biological Weapon?
- Why does my child need this when their chance of full recovery from a "Covid" infection is almost 100%?  And, this is without treatment.
- Why are incentives being offered for people to take this Biological Weapon?

You are being LIED to by People in your Government.  Massachusetts Political Candidates are LYING to you right now when they say, "Everyone can make their own choice."  That is NOT true.  It's political double-speak.  How can you make an informed decision and give informed consent when the above questions, and more, have yet to be answered? Simply put, you cannot.

Please get the facts before you put this Biological Weapon into your body or the body of your child.  Your life, the lives of your children and the lives of mankind are at stake.

I am Dianna Ploss and I approve this message.
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