Massachusetts Swamp Creature Report

Many people in Massachusetts continue their naivete when it comes to the Political Bad Guys.  Most often, the masses point to the "Democrats" when in fact it is those who call themselves "Republicans."  Whine all you want.  It is true.

The Dems, who are really Commies, have one thing going for them: they tell the truth. They tell us who they are and they tell us what they want, which is: free education, free housing, free healthcare, free moolah, no free speech, no guns, no cars, no meat, no private property, no petroleum, etc.  And, the Dems will fight, fight, fight for what they want. Ya really can't argue these points with me, now can you?

Republicans, on the other hand, LIE, LIE, LIE.  They LIE to your face.  They LIE behind your back.  They keep you busy with theirs LIES, all in an effort to stay in power.  It's all smoke n' mirrors!

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