MA Governor Baker is an Agent of the Chinese Communist Party...

I have publicly stated that Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, IS an AGENT of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and that he IS working with the CCP to take over our state.  Despite the proof I provided, many people dismissed me.  However, today Baker proved it.  The CCP tracks the Chinese people and their movements.  Now, Baker wants to do that,  too, using Covid-19 as an excuse.  Well, I say, "Not today, Satan. Not today!"

Earlier today, Baker was interviewed on GBH News' Boston Public Radio and he said this, "Getting to the point where there's a relatively simple process for people to credential the fact that they've been vaccinated will be important for a whole bunch of reasons."  Huh, Baker?  What "whole bunch of reasons" would that be?  Ah, yes.  Baker works for the CCP and therefore has to do their bidding.  However, we DO NOT!

This IS what I have been fighting and why I am running for Governor of Massachusetts.  Massachusetts will NOT submit to Communism.  The Massachusetts people will NOT bow down to Tyranny!  The Massachusetts People will stand up loud and proud and we will never back down to these Nazi-like dictates.  We will NOT!  

Please join me in saying, "NO" to Baker, the CCP and Communism.  Say,"NO" to wearing masks and Covid-19 testing.  Say "NO" to testing and contract tracing.

Please join me in getting the CCP out of Massachusetts.  David succeeded when he stood up to Goliath.  It is our turn now!

I am Dianna Ploss, Massachusetts Independent Candidate for Governor, and I approve this message.


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