Let's Go, Tough Guy...

On Saturday night, I was blind-sided by a no-name, no-face Phantom know-it-all.  Of course, I put him in his place!  Here's the story...

Per usual, I was co-hosting 'Your Voice Your Call' with show creator, Chris Moore.  Chris' show is broadcast every Saturday night, 10pm to midnight, via 'Patriots' Soapbox', a 24/7 live-streaming, powerhouse.  

There I was minding my own business, when suddenly a perturbed voice interupted the good mojo.  I had zero clue as to who this Phantom was because we were not expecting a guest and the Phantom didn't identify himself to me.  In fact, I couldn't see the Phantom's face because he was hiding behind a picture of an eagle overlayed on an American flag.  The word 'PATRIOTski'  was written across the bottom of the picture.  I wonder if the Phantom had "PATRIOTski" written across the face diaper that he surely wore!

Well, this Phantom had his tighty-whities in a bunch because I dared to call out Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, for his role in pushing Agenda 2030 policies in Florida.  Holy Cow!  I thought Phantom was gonna have a stroke!

You can listen here to the segment of Chris' show where the Phantom defends his False Prophet, DeSantis:

- https://youtu.be/au-eOmXlGZk

If you know the Phantom, please tell him that I am inviting him to join me this Saturday night, 7/3/21, at 10pm, when I will be filling in for Chris Moore.  Let him back up his claims regarding Saint Ron DeSantis.

The only caveat:  The Phantom has to show his face! 

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