Kyle J. Woolf's Introduction to Connecticut Predator

Warning: This video is filled with very graphic, sexual content.

This video shows the first time that Kyle J. Woolf met the Connecticut Predator, with one of the Predator's Primary Accomplices, Michael Picard.  The Predator posted the video to Facebook on July 14, 2020.  However, he recorded it on July 9, 2020.

The video footage has been edited.  At one point in the video, it appears that Kyle was discussing vandalism with the Predator.  But remember: The Predator edited the video.  We do not know what led up to the discussion of vandalism.

What happened to Kyle, Rayla Campbell and others at the hands of the Predator and his Accomplice, was very sexual in nature.  How is this NOT criminal? And, I know for certain that there are Policemen in Massachusetts who watch the Predator's videos.  How could those same Policemen have watched these videos and not done something?  Anything?

Kyle was tormented for months by the Connecticut, Sexual Predator.  You decide.  Are the Police Responsible for the Death of Kyle J. Woolf?


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