Jesus Would NOT Wear A Mask

Today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Jesus died for our sins.  Thinking about this led me to think about whether or not Jesus would have acquiesced and worn a mask for us.  Would Jesus have caved to the masses and covered his face in order to avoid backlash?

Out of curiosisty, I put "Jesus" and "mask" in an internet search.  The captioned picture popped up, along with some masks bearing resemblances of Mary and other Christian religious symbols.  I gasped and began shaking my head.  Talking to the computer screen, I said, "There is no way that Jesus would have worn a mask, not even for me!" 

Jesus was the ultimate fighter.  Jesus bucked the system.  Jesus faced off against the Establishment.  It wasn't eay.  Yet, he did it.  So, do you really believe that Jesus would cover his face in order to shield himself from the verbal backlash, from the shame, from the sheep?  My question to you then is this, "Why are you wearing a mask?  

Now, stop right there!  You know that the masks do nothing.  You know it.  You also know this is all about control.  And, you know that it is not about protecting me or some person walking down the street.  Wearing a mask protects you from shame, ridicule, and discomfort.  Would you have me believe that you cannot handle shame, ridicule, and discomfort?  Jesus handled those feelings.

On this Good Friday, please take a moment to reflect on how Jesus would have handled this situation.  Jesus make the ultimate sacrifice.  All I'm asking you to do is to manage the discomfort that comes from doing what is right.  Jesus did and I believe you can, too.

Have a Blessed Easter.

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