Janet Aldrich is home!

Eight days ago, Janet Aldrich was told she had 12 to 24 hours to live unless she agreed to go on a ventilator.  Janet refused.  Today, Janet came home.  So much for the ventilator!
Janet's experience at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, Massachusetts was a nightmare at best!  Janet survived.  How many people have not survived?  Janet was told she had Covid-19.  Who even knows if that is true?

Here is what we do know that is true:

- Covid-19 is a bio-weapon, unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party and funded by our own Government, and maybe others.  Perhaps, our own Government was also part of the unleashing?  That would not surprise me!

- Covid-19 has been used to keep the entire world in a heightened sense of fear for almost 2 years.  People in fear will submit to anything i.e. mask wearing, social distancing, taking an experimental vaccine, etc.

- Covid-19 was designed to take control of everyone across the world.  This is called "Communism" and we in Massachusetts are feeling it most profoundly.

- The PCR tests were NOT designed to test for Covid-19.  Look up Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test.  There are plenty of videos out there in internet land where Mr. Mullis discusses the uses of the PCR test.  A virus, like Covid-19, is not one of them.  Yet, these tests have been used to "diagnose" this virus.  This does not make scientific sense.

- Covid-19 can be treated very easily with zinc and hydroxychloroquine, both prophylactically and when used early.  Yet, every effort was made to demonize hydroxychloroquine, despite it having been FDA approved and successfully used for other illenesses for over 60 years, and with very rare side effects.  It's cheap, too.  Yet, our own Government is FORCING an expensive vaccine on the American people, that was pushed out rapidly, that doesn't prevent transmission of Covid-19, that doesn't protect against getting Covid-19, that "might" lessen the symptoms of Covid-19, that is being forced on children who have a 99.997% survival rate without treatment, that has horrible side effects including sterility and death, and that the general public had NO IDEA, was and still is EXPERIMENTAL! 

- The news being pushed out by the media IS propaganda!  Prove me wrong.  How come you don't hear about Kary Mullis, the benefits of hydroxychloroquine, the survival rates of Covid-19, the serious vaccination side effects and deaths, or that the vaccine is experimental?  Hmmm?

This is about Genocide and forcing those who survive to live under Communist rule.  Those who write the history books, should our Constitutional Republic survive, will write about how many people were killed in this Communist Takeover of America.  And, this is why I am running to be the next Governor of Massachusetts!


The good news is that Janet survived a horrendous, hospital ordeal.  Her courage, bravery, and determination, along with her strong belief in God got her through this.  Her friends and family who rallied with her against the Medical Industrial Complex should be applauded!  

Janet is not yet out of the woods.  So, please keep those prayers coming...

Please take a moment to read about Janet's story on this Facebook post and check back frequently for future updates:

- https://www.facebook.com/103335838047886/posts/424019309312869/?d=n

I am Dianna Ploss, your 'Roadmap for Freedom' Governor and I approve this message.
Janet Aldrich at the State House by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A

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