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We elect people for office believing that, once elected, they will represent 'We the People'.  We are kidding ourselves if we think this is the case today.  In fact, this hasn't been the case for a very long time. 

For example, how many elected leaders in Massachusetts or in the state where you reside have PUBLICLY helped people whose positions were terminated because they refused the poison dart also known as 'the Covid-19 vaccine?" 

How many elected leaders PUBLICLY informed their constitutents of the actual laws on the books in their state regarding mask wearing, vaccine mandates, etc, and that these laws either do not exist or there are ways to legally be exempt from them?  From what I have seen in Massachusetts, the answer is ZIPPO.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Instead, I have seen people suffering while these elected "leaders" remain silent.

Well there is a new sheriff in town... If you were terminated from your job because your Covid-19 Religious or Medical Exemption was denied, file with the following agencies:

Unemployment EEOC/MCAD

Agenda 2030 and the Communist Takeover of Massachusetts

Many people reading this are unaware of the United Nations plan for world-wide Communism and Totalitarian control under the guise of Agenda 2030.  And again, your elected leaders aren't telling you anything regarding this plan.

That said, many of you who live in Massachusetts have seen the telltale signs of this evil Agenda: bike lanes, bus lanes, narrowed streets, removal of parking spaces, explosive building of pack ‘em and stack ‘em apartments, traffic cameras, Marxist and racist programming of your children coming out of the schools and more…

What most of you haven’t seen are the United Nations-modeled, Human Rights Commissions (HRC) that are being instituted or resurrected in town and city Governments across Massachusetts.  Members of these HRC’s are appointed and can wield enormous power like hold hearings, mediate cases of discrimination and more.

Now, you may think that this is benign stuff.  Au contraire! These HRC’s are being implemented in order to take over our judicial system.

Review the Mission Statements of some of the HRC’s in Massachusetts.  Are you okay with the fact that they have placed themselves above the United States Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the Massachusetts Constitution?

Check out SOME of the Human Rights Commissions in Massachusetts











North Andover:





There are others, too: Barnstable County, Hamilton, Ipswich, Melrose, New Bedford, Pittsfield, Wakefield, Wenham. 

Is there an HRC where you live?

Compare the Massachusetts HRC’s with that of the United Nations:

Are you okay with your town or city Leaders surrendering your sovereignty to the United Nations?

Are you okay with Massachusetts' Leaders surrendering your sovereignty to the United Nations?

And, be honest with yourself.  How come I am the ONLY Candidate running for Office who has the courage to inform you of what is really happening in Massachusetts? Other Candidates hold fundraisers and talk about what they “will do when they get elected.”  I am doing what needs to be done before being elected.

Finally, our freedom and sovereignty are in your hands.  Yes, your hands. Unless and until you get busy in your town or city and start holding these local tyrants accountable for their evil deeds, we are going to fall to the United Nations and your children and grandchildren will bear the brunt of your inaction…

Great sites for information that you won’t find anywhere else: Search for terms like: Assassination of JFK, Bolsheviks, Balfour Declaration, Federal Reserve, Henry Kissinger, Holodomor, Leo Frank and the ADL, Scofield Bible, Titanic, United Nations, USS Liberty, World War I, World War II, and “9/11 and the Mossad”.

May God Bless Us All.

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