If you tell the truth, they will come...

We are in the throes of a world-wide battle of Good versus Evil.  The ultimate goal of the Evil forces is to want us controlled under the World Government.  Unfortunately, finding out the truth regarding this battle is overshadowed by propaganda coming at us 24/7.  Therefore, if you thirst for the truth like I do, following these 3 simple steps will set your heart and mind at ease.

Roadmap for Freedom

1. Find your way back to God by starting with the Bible.  Start your own Bible Study group.  Be self-sufficient.  Cut out the middleman. No need for a Pastor, Priest or Minister to bring you back to God.  Remember: "When two or more are gathered in my name..."

2. Focus on your Family and Community.  Build a network of trustworthy and like-minded people.  Have regular potlucks.  Homeschool each other's children.

3. Get involved in your Town/City Government.  Our Town/City Leaders are the ones who implemented the Tyranny over the past 2+ years. Find out what they are doing to eliminate your God-given rights. Check out your Town/City Government website. Attend meetings.  Read the Agendas and Minutes to these meetings.  Hold these people accountable.  Call them out for what they are doing or not doing.  File Public Records Requests. Shut down Boards and Commissions that are eroding our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Stay away from anything and everything that interferes with the above 3 steps because those who are implementing the World Government want you distracted.

"If you tell the truth, they will come", Bible Study.

Join me and Diane King every Sunday from 8pm to 9pm for our very own Bible Study.  You can join us via Facebook, Rumble, Twitch and Twitter using this link: https://diannaploss.com/events/bible-study-with-dianna-ploss

Is Ethnic Cleansing of European Caucasians and Non-African Blacks Occuring Via the Covid-19 "Vaccine"?  You decide...

Dr. Lee Merritt has been a champion of the people throughout the Covid-19 Plandemic.  In this ~ 8 minute video clip, Dr. Merritt explains who is targeted by the Covid-19 "vaccine".  What do you think? https://www.brighteon.com/74a42219-187a-4704-97e1-98370137397c

In towns and cities across Massachusetts, United Nations-modeled Human Rights Commissions (HRC) are changing our judicial system.  These HRC's, made up of appointed members, are pushing anti-Christian, anti-white propaganda.  This is Critical Race Theory on steroids!

Take a look at the picture above.  The man on the right is Revere, MA Fire Chief, Christopher Bright, HRC Commissioner.  At this 12/2/21 HRC meeting, you can clearly see Fire Chief Bright motioning the "crazy" sign when speaking to me.  On 3/10/22, this tax-payer paid Fire Chief, told me to "go F--K myself" after one of their HRC meetings.

At this same HRC meeting, another HRC Commissioner, Chai Hossaini, told Revere MA resident, Gina Castiello, that "you are garbage."  Nice, huh?

Ask yourself this question, "How come Dianna Ploss is the only person/Candidate who has informed us that these HRC's exist? 

You can read more about Revere's HRC and what has been happening via the links below.  




I hope that you will join me in the battle to abolish these HRC's across Massachusetts.

May God Help and Bless Us,


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