How to restore the Republic of the United States

Posted by Renee Nal
On January 7, 2021

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The current situation is dire. Without immediate intervention, America will become a socialist state. RAIR Foundation USA has compiled a list of three very important items for Americans to neuter the federal government. If citizens do not act, America is over.

The founding fathers understood that the nature of government is to expand and the nature of man is to be free. The Constitution was written with these concepts in mind. The entire point of “limited government” and “self rule” was to empower the people, not the elites. The system of checks and balances, enumerated powers in the separate branches of government and the electoral college were all written precisely to stop the government from growing and becoming tyrannical.

With two million employees in the federal government alone, not including the post office, which has approximately 600k employees, does the federal government seem “limited” to you?

The following items are key to stopping the federal government from usurping more power, and are rarely discussed by patriots:

1.) Recall Bad Actors: Americans have a tendency to vote and go on with their lives. Subversive elected officials are free to wreak havoc on America with very little scrutiny. It is time that Americans recall bad people instead of waiting to vote them out. Conversely, pro-America elected officials are often left on their own, fighting every day without support of patriotic Americans. It is time for Americans to become engaged in supporting the good guys and active in recalling the bad guys. Right now, Marxists have infiltrated the highest levels of government. They must be recalled.

2.) States Must Stop Accepting Money from the Federal Government: The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution is so vitally important, but has all but been tossed aside. The power belongs to the states, not the federal government. “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal Government, are few and defined,” said the “father of the Constitution,” James Madison in Federalist 45. But as the decades wore on, the federal government has not only usurped more and more power, they have become the “daddy” of the states by giving them funding, always with strings attached. The states are now completely dependent to the federal government. It must stop. Americans need to make sure that their states stop taking money from the federal government.

3.) All Legislation Must Include the Authors: While much has been discussed about the intent of the founding fathers, very little is discussed about the intent of legislation today. Members of congress rarely write the legislation they introduce, instead putting forward the agenda of hard left actors who write laws (and regulations) that affect all Americans. Radical groups compose legislation, then bribe elected officials with promises of phone-banking and door-knocking to help them keep their power. This is why elected officials often throw their weight behind bad legislation that Americans do not want. If Americans knew exactly who authored the laws, they would understand the intent behind those laws.

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