"Give me four years to teach the children..."

"...and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." -  Vladimir Lenin

The seeds are being sown right now.  And, one of the ways the Communists are doing this is by forcing your children to wear masks and social distance.

Masks ARE NOT being used to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Masks ARE being used to train your children to tolerate the physical discomforts of Communism.  This is called 'Behavior Modification' and Vladimir Lenin knew this well.

Your children are also being trained via Behavior Modification when they are forced to "Social Distance" from their friends, fellow students, teachers and family.  Social distancing is not about science, but rather another way for the seeds of physical discomfort to be sown upon your children and for this physical discomfort to be ingrained in their little beings.  Forced wearing of masks and social distancing will lead to unchallenged submission by your children to the Government.  Is this what you want?

You see adults wearing their masks around their necks, on their chins, and below their noses.  Adults can't keep their masks on for a few minutes without fiddling with it.  Yet, your children are expected to wear a mask for as long as 7, 8 and 9 hours per day.  Children as young as 2 years old are being forced to train their bodies and minds to tolerate what should never be tolerated.  Children all across Massachusetts, the United States and the Globe are being forced to do something that adults cannot even tolerate.  This is criminal!

Think about this...  How many times a day is your child reminded to pull up their mask so that it covers their nose and mouth?  How many times a day in school does your children cry behind their mask, while forcing back and choking on their tears of resistance?  This is cruel.  This is torture. 

Children learn by being with their friends, touching, playing and taking in the world around them.  They also learn by non-verbal expressions like smiles and frowns.  Yet now, children are being deprived of both.  How long will it be before the psychological damage being sown upon your children is irreversible?  Not long...

Please.  Only you can stop this.  Remove your children from the institutions that are breeding Communist capitulation.  Find a way to home school your children, even if they resist.  You are resourceful.  You can do this.  Talk with like-minded parents.  Form a group.  Ask your relatives to pitch in.

This Communist Takeover will not stop until WE, you and me, stop it.  Believe me.  What the Communists have in store next will be much worse than wearing masks and social distancing.  Restricting food, unless you fully comply, will be one of the next big carrots dangling over our collective heads. 

I will be your voice.  But, YOU have to do some heavy lifting.  Over the next week, I will give you solutions that will help you save your children from the arms of the Communists.  Check my website each day for the details.  Be the Momma and Papa bears that you were meant to be!

Thank you.


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