Meet Geoff Diehl's Handler

Meet Amanda Orlando.  She is an up and coming Char-LIE Baker protege.  Amanda is also Geoff Diehl's Campaign Manager. 

Amanda likes Geoff Diehl and she also likes Char-LIE Baker.  Look how much fun Amanda and Char-LIE have when they are together!

Amanda Orlando and Char-LIE Baker have shared their fun with other people.  Look at this fun party invitation.  Lots of their other friends have fun with them, too!  
Boo Hoo for me, though.  Amanda Orlando and Char-LIE Baker do not like me.  So, I never got to have fun with them up on a roof.  Poor me!

And, do you know what?  Amanda Orlando has been very, very mean to me.  She was mean because I called her "corrupt."  So, you know what she did?  She got her other friends to be mean to me, too.  Amanda Orlando is not very nice :(

Amanda Orlando's friends are mean to me, too.  Gloucester Massachusetts Detective LIE-utenant Joseph Fitzgerald was SO mean to me that he got a new job.  He is now the Gloucester Deputy Police Chief.  Hmmm?  I thought that when you are mean to someone that you go on punishment.  How come LIE-utenant Fitzgerald did not go on punishment?  

Then, Amanda Orlando was mean to me again.  This time, she got a different person to be mean to me...

How come Amanda can get so many people to be mean to me when I tell the truth?  Do you think Amanda's friend, Char-LIE Baker, got those other people to be mean to me, 'cause he doesn't like me either? 

And, who is Christopher Sicuranza?  How come he was mean to me, too?  In this email, Christopher Sicuranza is telling Gloucester Police Officer, Steven Mizzoni to call Amanda's brother, Joe Orlando.  This seems like a lot of people trying to get me in trouble.  What do you think...?  Is this a CONSPIRACY...?

In part two, I will show you how Amanda Orlando, and all her Friends, got me charged with "Criminal Trespassing" ...  And, I thought the 'Republicans' were the good guys...

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