GA Lt Governor’s History In Office Raises Eyebrows

Georgia’s Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan became famous during the massive election fraud and subsequent cover-up that occurred in Georgia during the Nov 3rd U.S. general election and the months afterward.

Duncan repeatedly went on CNN to declare there was no fraud and the election process in Georgia was secure. This was in spite of irrefutable video evidence of fraud in Fulton County, and the refusal by GA officials to allow GOP monitors close enough to check signature verification and ballot integrity during the counting process.

CDMedia has been looking into what happened in GA and it seems the Lt. Gov has a history of shady behavior while manning the number two position in the Peach State.

“In my 27 years in politics, I’ve never seen a politician so quickly become in-love with private jets, trips, and free tickets. It happened in less than five months, usually it takes a politician years to develop,” said former Duncan chief of staff Chip Lake to CDMedia during a recent conversation. Lake worked for Duncan for 11 months and left in December of 2019.

Local media in Atlanta has also highlighted Duncan’s seemingly corrupt actions. Investigative reporter Dale Russell has filed several reports on the situation.

The I-Team found Duncan negotiated the sale of his own health care app with a STATE health care vendor called Sharecare. Duncan’s spokesperson told us the deal did not go through, wrote Fox 5 Atlanta.

But, the business negotiations between the state vendor and the Lt. Governor came during a  period in which the two shared a private jet flight, sports tickets, and a weeklong conference in Montana; none of which was reported in any way to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, commonly known as the state Ethics Commission.

Remember, Sharecare is a state vendor with a contract worth around 14 million dollars.

Fox 5 has also discovered wide-spread, unreported, expensive high-end hotel bookings for Duncan, paid for by others, by corporate entities in Georgia.

A FOX 5 I-Team investigation found  Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan took numerous beach trips lst summer in which part or all of his lodging was free. 

According to his calendar, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan was invited to make one speech on June 5th. But, he stayed two nights with his wife and three children. A hotel invoice, obtained by the I-Team, shows the Duncans stayed in a two-bedroom villa, that cost more than $600 a night. Duncan’s spokesperson says Duncan is a family man and he likes to take his wife and children whenever he can, wrote Fox 5.

“It says something about a level of entitlement. It says something about a level of narcissism,” said Emory University Ethics professor, Edward Queen.

CDMedia will be shining more light on what is going on in Atlanta and around the state by GOP officials who worked hard to dislodge President Trump in an illegal fashion. We believe the political situation in the state is a story Americans want to know much more about, since it is obvious corporate interests were one of the forces behind Trump’s ouster.
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