Do you know...?

Do you know that there exists a plan for worldwide Communism and control?  It's called Agenda 21 and is an action plan of the UNITED NATIONS regarding Sustainable Development.  What about America's sovereignty?

Do you know that George H. W. Bush signed onto Agenda 21 in 1992?  Hmmm?  Wasn't he a "Republican"...?

Do you know that since then, Agenda 21 policies have been implemented all across Massachusetts, America and the world?  You see it everywhere: Bike paths, the narrowing of streets, Human Rights Commissions, lanes specifically for buses, the rapid rise in apartment building and apartment complexes, Climate Change, abolishment of private property, Common Core and more...

Do you know that YOU, YOUR Children and YOUR Grandchildren will be living in those apartment buildings and apartment complexes?  You'd better start downsizing!

Do you know that anyone who speaks out against Agenda 21 is called a "nut" or a "conspiracy theorist?"  Look what Mother Jones put out in 2010:

Do you know that the city of Revere, Massachusetts has a 'Human Rights Commission?'  Read about it here:

Do you know that the city of Lynn, Massachusetts has a 'Human Rights Commission?'  Read about it here:

Do you know that you never hear any Massachusetts elected Republican Leaders talk about Agenda 21 or what is happening to us via the United Nations?  Why is that...?

Do you know that the United Nations is already governing the world?  

Do you know that the New God is mother earth?

Do you know that we need the Real God in our lives?

Do you know that tonight, we launch the Godly Revival for Massachusetts and New England, beginning with a weekly, Friday night Bible Study?  This will be livestreamed from 8pm to 9:30pm.  You can join us via these links:

- Pastor William O. Levi on Facebook:

- Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network (NTCBN) on YouTube:

Do you know that we have been standing strong for Freedom in Swampscott, Massachusetts every week since April 23, 2020?  Join us every Thursday, rain or shine, from 10am to noon.  We are at King's Beach at the intersection of Monument Avenue and Humphrey Street.

Do you know that we will never give up our fight for Massachusetts and America?  You should stand strong with us, too!

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