Did Trump Endorse a Communist Sympathizer?

On December 9, 2021 at Boston's State House, I caught up with President Trump-endorsed, 2022 MA Gubernatorial Candidate, Geoff Diehl, and asked him what he was going to "do about the Human Rights Commissions" in Massachusetts. 

Before Diehl backed away from me, he gave me a "hand to the camera" and an, "I don't want to be taped by you today."

Geoff, this is not 'America's Top Model.'  You are running for Governor of Massachusetts.  

Diehl can make as many excuses as he wants.  But, here is the truth and it hurts:

Geoff Diehl's Political Career

- State Rep 2011 - 2019
- Supposed Trump Co-Chair 2016
- MassGOP nominee for US Senate 2018
- MassGOP State Committeeman
- Gubernatorial Candidate 2022

Does Geoff really want us to believe that he knew nothing about these Human Rights Commissions in Massachusetts? 

How is this possible when his Gubernatorial Campaign Manager, Amanda Orlando, wanted a seat on the Gloucester, Massachusetts Human Rights Commission? 

Could it be that Geoff Diehl is NOT the only Communist Sympathizer in the Massachusetts Republican Party!  

Watch the very short exchange I had with Diehl.  Clearly, he was very uncomfortable discussing this topic with me.  Is this the sign of someone who is guilty?  You decide...


Dianna Ploss Schools Geoff Diehl by N/A is licensed under N/A N/A

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