Dianna Ploss Announces Bid for MA Governor 2022!

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  • Source: Rumble
  • 08/27/2021
Rumble — Hi, my name is Dianna Ploss and I'm announcing my candidacy, for Governor of Massachusetts. Let me share with you why.

While we stand by waiting for Corrupted Politicians, on both sides of the aisle to do something, a Communist Takeover is happening in our state, AND in our country.

The result is a feeling of hopelessness, like there is nothing that WE can do, to take back what is precious and sacred from this stranglehold that is removing our freedom and our liberties, faster and faster, LITERALLY by the days and the hours.

Meanwhile, the politicians are busy at accomplishing nothing except benefiting their own lives and their own careers, and they refuse to speak the hard truth. I am armed with the TRUTH, and I carry the responsibility to inform others.

Our current Governor stands by while the Chinese Communist Party Flag is raised every year in September on Boston’s City Hall Plaza.

Worse yet, he signed the deal with Springfield’s CRRC, a Chinese Communist company, that builds our MBTA cars, and where the Chinese Communist Party Flag flies EVERY SINGLE day.

Ask yourself this, WHY has not 1 politician ever disputed this? They not only haven't disputed it, they conveniently have turned a blind eye to it thereby letting this evil prevail!

Our children are being indoctrinated and subjected to things, that are entirely vile and wicked. These are Marxist tactics!

Our towns and cities are being run by people with an agenda and in the coming months, we will examine your own communities and empower YOU with steps, to take back your community from the corruption, with my ROADMAP FOR FREEDOM plan.

Together, we will stop and reverse, this Communist Agenda, that has been in the pipeline for decades, and fight the evil that has taken over our lives.

Remember, evil does not knock at your door and say,

"Hi, I'm evil, can I come in?"

It is deceptively packaged, as something that is good for you. Evil takes over, inch by inch until it's too late to recognize it, for what it is.

I do NOT back down, and I will NOT be bullied! I have proven this time after time. I have been assaulted for standing up to Thugs, Trained Marxists, Corrupt Politicians and those who wished to silence the truth.

NOW is YOUR chance to fight the Evil, too.

I WILL stand with you.

Sign up for my newsletter at diannaploss.com And TOGETHER, before this election AND then as your Governor, WE WILL take back our state.

Freedom was fought for, and born in this beautiful and historic part of the country. BRAVE men took it into their own hands, to preserve Freedom saying NO to Tyranny, just like we begin to do today, but in our own way.

Ask yourself,

I am Dianna Ploss, Your Roadmap For Freedom Governor, And WE WILL RESTORE GOD, FAMILY AND COUNTRY.





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