Dianna Exposes the United Nations Rule in Massachusetts!

Last week, I attended a 'Human Rights Commission' (HRC) meeting at Revere City Hall, Revere, Massachusetts.  During the meeting, I had the opportunity to ask two questions.  One of those questions was regarding the model this HRC was using.  It wasn't long before Dr. Lourenco Garcia provided me an answer: The United Nations.

Now, Dr. Lourenco Garcia's answer was not a surprise to me.  Au contraire.  I know that the United Nations is swiftly advancing Agenda 2030 in towns and cities across Massachusetts via United Nations-funded, non-profits aka "Associations" that control every aspect of Massachusetts town and city government, from your Clerks to the Mayors and Town Administrators.

These United Nations-funded Associations also control your Selectmen, City Councillors, State Reps, State Senators, US Senators, Congressmen, Sheriffs and more.  They control everyone.

What Dr. Lourenco Garcia's answer provided was proof aka "EVIDENCE" that our political leaders, from the top to the bottom of the spectrum, have allowed the United Nations to have an actual SEAT in our town and city governments.  And this my friends, is TREASON!

If you have the courage, ask yourself this question:  "How come I don't hear this information from conservative media in Massachusetts?"

If you have the testicular fortitude, ask these people, "How come you do not write about/talk about this?"

- Jim Lyons (MassGOP Chair)
- Geoff Diehl (President Trump endorsed MassGOP Gubernatorial Candidate)
- Lonnie Brennan (Owner of the Boston Broadside)
- Jeff Kuhner (Radio Host/Media Personality)
- Howie Carr (Radio Host/Media Personality)

Our country is in the throes of a totalitarian takeover, and Massachusetts is at the epicenter.  Speak up now because it is almost too late.

Watch the full video of the Revere HRC meeting here: 

Watch my live recap of the Revere HRC meeting here: 

"I am Dianna Ploss and I approve this message."
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