Charlie Baker wants to KILL your children!

Yesterday, Massachusetts' Governor, Charlie Baker, held a press conference at Boston's Children's Hospital announcing Covid-19 shot availability for children, ages 5 to 11.  Great!  Let's allow our children to be injected with a Biological Weapon despite the fact that Covid-19 poses negligible health problems in children.  This is Criminal and Baker should be charged with 'Crimes Against Humanity' for pushing this poison on children.  You can read about the press conference via the article below:

Well, we know that Governor Baker is a Globalist AND that he has committed Treason against our state and its' people by aliging with these Communists.  I am certain that Baker feels so well-protected by his Globalist friends, that even a charge of 'Crimes Against Humanity' wouldn't cause him to lose sleep.  So, no big deal for him to publicly sanction the killing of your children! 

Your children DO NOT need to be injected with the Covid-19 Biological Weapon.  You don't believe me?  Here is what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says about Covid-19 and children:

"Children can be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 and can get sick with COVID-19. Most children with COVID-19 have mild symptoms or they may have no symptoms at all (“asymptomatic”). Fewer children have been sick with COVID-19 compared to adults."

I highlighted a portion of the above.  Please read it again.  If your child is going to have "no symptoms or mild symptoms" from Covid-19, why do they need to be injected with something that might only reduce symptoms of Covid-19, does NOT prevent transmission of Covid-19, does NOT prevent your child from getting Covid-19, and could kill them?

We are being scammed and lied to by Governor Baker, doctors, the CDC, the media and more.  Believe me when I say this, "Your children are in danger from our Communist Government!"

One of the ways that you can protect your children is by getting them out of Public School and any other school NOW, that is pushing the Covid Mandates.  But, before you pull your children out of school, consult with a Massachusetts Home School Attorney, so that you do everything by the book.  And, waiting until "next year" is going to be too late.  You have to start working on a plan to protect your children now - today!

Finally, this Communist Takeover is real.  Furthermore, these Communists will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of "total control of everything people do and say."  Please heed this warning:  Your children are NOT safe and action is required NOW!

May God watch over you and protect you.  Dianna  

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