Are Swampscott MA Police Officers Attempting to Build Entrapment Case Against Dianna Ploss?

On July 15, 2021, I went to the Swampscott, Massachusetts Police Department and filed a complaint against Swampscott Police Captain, Joseph Kable.  

I livestreamed the filing of this complaint to my Dianna Ploss YouTube Channel.  To get all the details, watch the video via this link:

Per the form given to me by the Swampscott Police, it states, "In so far as practicial to do so, the Swampscott Police Department shall complete the investigation within 30 days of receiving the complaint unless otherwise noted in the report."

I hope the Swampscott Police Internal Affairs Department plans to interview Swampscott Police Sgt. Jay Locke...


On June 2, 2021, at least two news articles were published revealing a statement made by Captain Kable to Court Reporter, Julie Manganis.  Here is a portion of his statement:

"At the same time, he said police were concerned that Ploss, in earlier livestreams, had derided Swampscott police and told supporters she needed bodyguards and for them to bring weapons."

You can read those articles here:

DA asks judge to reconsider ruling in protester arrest

DA asks judge to reconsider ruling in protester arrest

These articles contain false, defamatory, libelous, and slanderous statements about me.

Therefore, on July 13, 2021, Court Reporter, Julie Manganis, was sent a certified letter from my Attorney, Richard Chambers:

Ms. Julie Manganis
300 Rosewood Drive, Suite 102
Danvers, Massachusetts 01923

We requested the following:

RE: Front-Page Retraction and Apology for False, Defamatory, Libelous and Slanderous Statements made Against Dianna Ploss

I will be following up with Julie Manganis and her boss...

Also, the picture at the top of this article is a screenshot from a portion of page 23 from this document:

You can read the entire report here:

The report was requested after the assault of Mrs. Greenberg, an 80 year-old, Jewish woman and lifelong Swampscott resident.

In the report, 'G' is Captain Kable and #3 is me, Dianna Ploss.

What is in the report on page 23 is even more inflammatory than what is in the news articles!

This false information is also in other legal documents that use my name instead of the redactions.  I will share that with you soon.

In closing, we are living in very dangerous times.  Very! 

Agenda 2030 aka the Green New Deal, is being implemented in every city and town across the globe.  Human Rights Commissions are popping up in towns and cities across Massachusetts and the only person talking about this is me.  It's no wonder that the Politicians are siccing their Foot Soldiers after me!

We have over 500 people in solidary confinement in DC for a Fake Insurrection.  I know it was Fake because I was there!

And just like Communist Revolutions of the past, we are experiencing media propaganda, tyrannical policies and arrests, censorship, attacks on people who speak up and much, much more.  Yet, very few people see this.

Today, the Government allows you to read this.  Will the Government allow this tomorrow...?


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