Massachusetts Human Rights Commissions...

Massachusetts 'Human Rights Commissions' (HRCs) have nothing to do with protecting the rights of citizens.  Rather, these 'Commissions' have been set up to replace our legal system, divide citizens, push the Communist agenda and further the destruction of our Constitution.  We must not allow this!

The people on these Commissions are appointed.  They are NOT elected.  Yet, these people are able to wield an enormous amount of power and influence in the towns and cities where they exist. Let that sink in for a moment...  These people are NOT elected but have court-like powers. This is NOT how our Constitutuonal Republic works.
And, if we do not work to have these abolished in Massachusetts, they will be responsible for taking away YOUR RIGHTS.

As an Independent Gubernatorial Candidate, I will help educate the People in Massachusetts regarding the evils of the HRC's and work towards getting rid of each and every one of them.  

Below is a sampling of HRC's in Massachusetts.  Check out Boston's HRC.  Look at the power these appointees have.  Is this really how you want to live?  I certainly DO NOT!  

I am asking all of you to work with me in exposing these evils of Communism.  Thank you! (Arlington) (Barnstable) (Boston) (Cambridge) (Dedham) (Gloucester) (Lexington) (Lynn) (Malden) (Medford) (Newton) (New Bedford) (Newburyport) (Revere) (Somerville) (Woburn) (Worcester)

I am Dianna Ploss and I approve this message.

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