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Connecting America First Activists across the Country

Dianna Ploss is dedicated to helping Americans understand the issues we face today, using her multiple media platforms to spread the message. Dianna has connected with other America First Activists across our great country. These 'Boots on the Ground' Patriots reveal just what the Main Stream Media does NOT want you to see.

President Donald J. Trump

  • Dianna Ploss is a staunch supporter of President Donald J. Trump and his America First Agenda.  
  • Dianna Founded the Organization, Massachusetts 4 Trump (MA4Trump) in February 2016. Since its' inception, Dianna has rallied President Trump supporters across Massachusetts and beyond.
  • Dianna fights for President Trump and Dianna will fight for you!

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WATCH: Anti-Police Protesters Keep Shooting Each Other by Accident

At least 30 people have died during the protests, the large majority in gun violence that did not involve police.

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All Hell Breaks Loose When Trump Suddenly Cancels GOP Convention in Florida Over COVID-19

"This cancellation is him bowing to the mask mob & it wont satisfy them, they will push further now that he has cracked ..."

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